Cost For The Procedure Of IVF And Factors Affecting Its Cost


For those who find difficulties in achieving pregnancy through the natural procedure, there has
been an arrival of different advanced fertility treatments. With the help of such treatments, a
couple gets the chance to fall pregnant. Out of those fertility treatments, we will discuss the well-
known and commonly opted treatment called in-vitro fertilization or IVF.

About IVF

This kind of procedure contains combining the sperm and eggs outside the body in a special
container and in a lab. Once the embryo is formed, it is placed back in the uterus. In-vitro
fertilization can be preferred when there has been a presence of fertility issues in men, women or
both. The doctor may prefer to have IVF when someone is facing problems with ovulation,
endometriosis, poor egg quality, genetic disease of mother and father, problems with the
fallopian tubes or uterus, antibody problems which harm the eggs or sperm, the incapability of
sperm in penetrating or surviving in the cervical mucus, and low sperm counts.

Many people from India belong to the middle-class category and they have to think about
managing their expenses. Especially when the thing is about advancing for treatment options like
IVF, many people would have a question in mind about what will be the expenses of this
procedure and will they afford to have all such things or not. For that, we will try to cover some
of the important aspects that will signify the cost of this treatment along with the factors that are
responsible to make it more costlier.

Cost Of In-Vitro Fertilization

One thing to keep in mind regarding procedures like in-vitro fertilization is that the cost will vary
from center to center and location to location. It will also depend on various other reasons. The
cost can initiate somewhere from around Rs. 1 Lakh and can stretch to Rs. 1.5 Lakh. Sometimes
this kind of cost excludes the prescribed medicine and injection by the doctor.

Remember, if the case proves to be tricky, the medical institution may increase the expenses and
the amount can be raised by them. IVF can't be supposed as a single treatment, it is due to a fact
that there are different kinds of procedures applied and it requires some doctors, nurses as well as
technicians in each stage of the process.

Exactly what has been included in the cost of the procedure, this can vary between clinics. But
we will try to tell you some of the usual things that can be expected.

One of the initial things a woman can expect is lab testing. This includes blood tests for
screening the conditions that may affect pregnancy outcomes, for identifying the levels of
important hormones before and during cycle management and to check the ovarian reserve.
Ultrasounds are opted for monitoring the ovaries at the time of lead up to ovulation. It is done to
ensure the follicles and eggs of the female candidate are prepared for the process of retrieval.

Some of the crucial fertility factors like uterus morphology, ovarian volume, endometrial
thickness and texture, and antral follicle count can be done through ultrasounds.

There is a procedure involved in IVF called egg retrieval which proves to be one of the
expensive practices. Doctors monitor the cycle of fertility drugs with a careful approach After
that, ovulation is triggered and the female candidate is sent to the clinic to surgically retrieve
eggs for IVF. When the practice of combining the egg and sperm is completed, the resulting
embryos get cultured carefully to permit them the highest-quality embryo to be recognized
before transfer. Once the embryo achieves the age of five to six days, a woman has to visit the
clinic so that they should be transferred back into the uterus or can be frozen for a future cycle.

Other Factors That Affect The Cost

Fertility drugs that are injected or provided orally alone can be one of the aspects by which the
cost of in-vitro fertilization can vary. Even many institutions don't count the fee of anesthesia in
their treatment costs. It is because the procedure is done for the process of egg retrieval and is
typically managed by an outside power who just attain the doctors for this procedure. That's why
a person may require to deposit the fee of anesthesia separately.


Those who have decided to perform in-vitro fertilization to achieve pregnancy, they need to look
at various related topics. First of all, having complete information about the whole procedure is a
must. After that, knowing the exact cost also proves to be beneficial.

Make sure to know that the institution doesn't contain hidden costs and also ask what the
treatment involves, like fertility drugs, ultrasounds, and blood tests, etc. This kind of treatment
can be challenging in both an emotional and physical manner. That's why try to encourage
yourself and the family members must co-operate the patient from the initial time till the end.

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