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There have been different issues around the world among men and women regarding fertility. The main causes can be considered as environmental changes and poor lifestyle. Due to such things, the proportion of childless couples is deducing. Low quality of eggs can be blamed as one of the main causes of female infertility. But, the problems can be overcome with the help of AVEYA IVF as we have such professionals who can handle the cases of infertility whatever may be the causes. You can see IVF in India, egg freezing, egg donation, and surrogacy as our treatment techniques. This organization brings the guarantee of high success rates as we are equipped with highly experienced and qualified doctors along with the latest equipment to handle the most complicated cases to perfection.
Donated sperm is provided at the time when there seem no chances for a man to retrieve sperms naturally or by a surgical procedure. It is mainly used to inseminate the woman or to fertilize her eggs in an in-vitro fertilization process. The couple is counselled together about the process and implications involved in the process. All the samples of donor sperm are to be availed from registered and established sperm banks. Such samples of sperm are from fertile donors, which have been screened for common genetic disorders and viral infections. No known or fresh donors should ever be implemented. The samples are recognized by a number code authenticated by the sperm bank.