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Technology and Facilities

The lab of AVEYA IVF is among one of the best in the world regarding equipment, facilities and operating standards. For example, all the embryologists of our side work in laboratories that conform to European clean room standards.

Along with core procedures like IUI, IVF, ICSI and Andrology services, there are different state-of-the-art technologies like vitrification for preserving eggs and embryos, embryoscope and PGS for selecting best embryo for transfer and ERA to opt the capacity of a uterus to accept embryos. Such procedures considerably improve the chances of pregnancy following IVF, even in patients that are facing several previous failures.

Experienced Team

We have a team of doctors that are one of the most experienced professionals in the world and have achieved qualifications and awards from the leading centres of ART in the world. Some doctors are also there to serve on panels in order to ensure that treatments of fertility in India adhere to the highest medical and ethical standards in the world. They people are ably sustained by the team of embryologists at each centre.

Transparent Pricing and Ethical Treatment

At AVEYA IVF Fertility, the organisation is careful regarding fertility treatments. We will make the treatment only when the process of detailed tests are done. Then the doctor will choose the type of treatment that is suitable for you and most likely to succeed. He will try to explain everything about the process that you will undergo and why.

Even the patient will know about the cost of the treatment upfront. The cost will contain all the tests, medication, care and procedures. If there seems a need to do some unforeseen tests or additional procedures, you will get to know about them and why are they actually needed. The most important thing is that you will not have to worry about the hidden charges at our organization.


Fertility is such a treatment that is joined with emotions. It does not come easily to everyone. There are things that can prove to be helpful in improving fertility. The main thing is to have good knowledge. Fertility is not only a female health issue. Both men and women can make steps towards improving their fertility. There are some medical organizations which can become a reason for your hope of becoming a parent.

Our team knows that it can be difficult to undergo emotionally. Even if we try our best, there can be no guarantees of pregnancy. For such things, we have maintained to bring a team of counsellors that are qualified enough and trained to provide psychological assistance at the time of treatment. All the answers will be given by them of your queries in a caring and forthright manner.