Surrogacy Cost in India

Surrogacy costs vary a lot depending on your medical conditions and various other factors. In India Cost of Surrogacy usually ranges from Rs. 4 Lacs to Rs. 8 Lacs approx, but At Aveya, We believe in complete transparency and affordable treatments. Surrogacy cost at Aveya is simplified, and we offer 1 type of surrogacy package at Rs. 4.8. You can also ask for financing options on the Surrogacy package :

According to the ART-bill introduced in Dec-21. Surrogacy can be offered by Surrogacy clinics only. Surrogate compensation is not allowed – the surrogate must provide the service altruistically. The couple must be a married male and female. Or a woman divorcee or widower. The couple (or any of them) should not have a child. The female age cannot exceed 50 and the male age cannot exceed 55.

IF you are not eligible for surrogacy in India, your only option is to opt for surrogacy abroad. You may find more details about surrogacy outside of India in

Aveya Surrogacy Plan – 4.8 Lac

  • Goal oriented, pay as you go policy (up to 4 Installments)
  • IVF (Self) – Stimulation, pick-up, ICSI, embryo freezing and up to 3 attempts of embryo transfer
  • ‘Supervised maternity care’ up to week 12 (scans, medicines and Dr consults)
  • Screening, selection and preparation of surrogate
  • Please note – All legal expenses and surrogate direct costs are not included and will be paid directly.

Surrogacy Cost inclusion and exclusion

Self Egg + Self Sperm Surrogacy care package – 4,80,000(INR)

Inclusion –

  • All Consultation (Surrogate & Patients)
  • All USG (Patient & Surrogate {Till 12 weeks})
  • Blood Test / Investigation (Patient & Surrogate {Till 12 weeks})
  • Patient Stimulation (One time)
  • ICSI
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Embryo Freezing for 6 months ( (Upto 4 Embryo, 5,000 Extra for Each Straw)
  • Surrogate Screening
  • Surrogate Preparation
  • Embryo transfers in one surrogate – Upto 3 ET’s
  • Post ET Medication/ Injection till 12 weeks
  • Surrogate Consultations till Delivery

Exclusion –

  • All Legal Expense related to the process Surrogate / Health Insurance
  • Surrogate Expense / Cake taker
  • Ultrasound charges from 12 weeks (Surrogate)
  • Blood Test / Medications after 12 weeks
  • Any Hospitalization throughout Pregnancy / Delivery Expenses
  • Embryo Freezing – 35,000 Per Year


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Possible to Get a Medical Loan for Surrogacy and convert Surrogacy cost into EMI in Delhi, India, at Aveya?

Yes, you can get the medical loan and convert your total Surrogacy treatment into easy EMI in Dehli, India, by contacting your bank. You can ask our help desk to help you contact medical loan providers like Bajaj Finance and Uno finance.

Is surrogacy cheaper than IVF?

The cost of surrogacy includes a lot more than IVF. The IVF part costs the same but u then need to add all the costs related to the surrogate and the pregnancy as well as all the legal costs. Bottom Line it is higher than that of conventional IVF. You can get free financial consultation from our team if you have any questions related to surrogacy costs. Call us at 8010 628 628

How do you get started with the surrogacy process?

Get in touch with a surrogacy professional by booking a free consultation here or Call at 8010 628 628 to book an appointment. Our team of experts answers any additional questions you may have, provide you with information, and help you get started.

We are a gay couple – can we do surrogacy in India? 

No. The new surrogacy act (2021) does not allow gay couple, same sex couple or single father to opt for surrogacy in India. However, it is completely legal in many other countries – you can find out more details at

We already have one child. can we do surrogacy in India?

No. The new surrogacy act (2021) does not allow to opt for surrogacy in India for anyone who has a child. However, it is completely legal in many other countries – you can find out more details at

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