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On the visit for the first time, you’ll be registered with Aveya fertility. After that, the history in detail like coital history, medical and surgical history, menstrual history will be noted. Then we will review the previous records and treatments and therefore suggest that you carry the details of previous treatments at the time of visit to our centre. There will be a basic evaluation to check for three parameters.

  • Ovulation- It is done with the help of transvaginal sonography, usually starting from day 11 of the menstrual cycle. It is done to identify the growth and rupture of the follicle (egg). In it, the patient will be recommended timed intercourse depending upon the day of her ovulation. Medication will also be advised to induce ovulation if needed.
  • Tubal Status- It can be done with hysterosalpingography or laparoscopy along with sonosalpingography or hysteroscopy.
  • Uterine Cavity- The third one is the uterine cavity in which the uterus gets evaluated via ultrasound to identify the growth of the endometrial lining and to rule out things like polyps or fibroids. Even hysteroscopy can be done, if required, to further examine and resolve the problem.