Asthenospermia-A Condition In Men That Can Affect Fertility

Asthenospermia-A Condition In Men That Can Affect Fertility
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One of the crucial aspects for a couple to conceive is the sperm’s health of the male partner.
Some of the important criteria required for healthy sperm contain good volume, shape, motility,
zona pellucida binding, nuclear decondensation, acrosome reaction, and the capability to pass
through the cervical mucus and make it to the egg. There is also a requirement of sperm to have
the correct number of chromosomes for a successful pregnancy. When a condition arrives of a
breakdown in any of the mentioned criteria, there can be chances of uplifting male-factor

In this section, we will try to keep your mind towards one of the important aspects needed for
male-factor fertility known as sperm mobility or asthenospermia. It is defined as a situation in
which a man contains less than 40 percent of sperm motility or fewer than 32 percent with
progressive motility. Various kinds of sperm motility problems are found in men like non-
progressive motility which can be identified as anything less than five micrometers per second,
slow or sluggish progressive motility, and no mobility.

About Asthenospermia

Asthenospermia or asthenozoospermia stands for a common cause of human male infertility
characterized by reduced motility of sperm. One of the chief conditions for successful
fertilization is sperm motility that gets regulated by cyclic AMP-activated protein kinase-A.
Some studies have identified that sperm proteins accountable for metabolism and energy are
articulated at superior levels in those patients who suffer from conditions like
asthenozoospermia, while samples linked to normozoospermic had an increased level of
expression of proteins engaged in protein turnover, stress response, folding, movement, and

Asthenospermia Causes

* Different kinds of causes are there to uplift the standards of asthenospermia like internal
secretion problems.* If there is a presence of an elevated amount of estrogen hormone in serum, it affects sperm
* When irregular liquefaction of seminal fluid or no liquefaction is found, it may result in male
* Some men may have a presence of genetic cause, while others may have undiagnosed medical

* Environmental and lifestyle factors are also known to be some of the factors to play a big role
in the motility of sperm.
* People need to understand that smoking is one of the causes to reduce sperm motility,
particularly applied to those who smoke around ten cigarettes per day.
* There is a condition known as varicocele that takes place when veins inside the scrotum
become increased which also has been connected to reduce sperm motility.
* There can also be a presence of low sperm motility due to a disorder in the male accessory sex
gland secretion, that guides to the glands emptying more slowly.

Diagnosis Of Sperm Motility

One of the measures by which sperm motility can be tested is through semen analysis. Here the
doctor will ask for a sample of semen which will be taken to test the health of the male genital
tract, accessory organs, and ejaculation. In the process of semen analysis, the person will be
provided a private space where he could ejaculate through masturbation. According to some
religious beliefs, all such things aren’t supposed to be valid. That’s why the doctor in some cases
may prefer to collect the samples with the help of a condom during sexual intercourse. If
someone wants to collect the sample from home, they need to keep it under room temperature
and must not stretch the time of taking it to the doctor’s clinic.


1. It has been advised to stop frequent masturbation. The reason is that regular and prolong
masturbation can cause infection in genital organs which reduces the motility of sperm. Along
with that, the reliability and magnitude of sperms are also declined.
2. One more suggestion to follow is eliminating the usage of chemicals as they can also bring
decreased sperm motility.
3. Don’t make a habit to smoke and drink alcohol.
4. It has been recommended to indulge in the activity of a healthy diet that delivers vital nutrition
to sperm and amplifies their motility. Fruits and vegetables are considered as one of the essential
things to consider.
5. Make sure to avoid the usage of antibiotics as they can also make an effect on the quality and
motility of the sperm.


By reading all such information, an idea would have been delivered in the mind of readers that
achieving fertilization depends on various aspects. There is a requirement for the correct functioning inside both men and women. Especially when the thing is regarding men, they need
to have a presence of healthy sperm and its motility must be in good condition. Otherwise, a
couple has to face troubles in conceiving. That’s why make sure to indulge in some good habits
which promote the health of sperm and eliminate those habits which can make negative impacts.

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