Infertility-A Term That Can Be Dreadful!

Infertility-A Term That Can Be Dreadful!


For a married couple, one of the beautiful experiences in their journey is to have a child. But
sometimes, several conditions take place where they find difficulties in making the female
partner pregnant. If it happens, they need to understand that there are some fertility issues in
men, women or both. The infertility is a word that no one would probably like to have on
their own. It is defined as the condition when a man and his partner struggle to conceive a baby
even after attempting unprotected sexual intercourse for a complete year.


Firstly talking about the female factor, primary infertility will be diagnosed when a woman has
never been able to get pregnant, whereas secondary infertility will be diagnosed when she had at
least one successful pregnancy in the past. Their cause of infertility can be due to age as the
aptitude of conceiving starts to fall around the age of 32 years. If a woman smokes during
pregnancy, it will amplify the chance of pregnancy loss. Even drinking alcohol can affect the
likelihood of conceiving. Some other causes include being obese or overweight, eating disorders
that lead to serious weight loss, lack of essential supplements in a diet like folic acid, iron,
vitamin B-12 or zinc, exposure to some chemicals, mental stress, etc. Some medical conditions
may contribute to fertility among women like ovulation disorders, problems in the uterus or
fallopian tubes, etc.

Regarding men, there can be some possible problems like abnormal sperm where the sperm may
have an unusual shape, making it tough to move and fertilize his female partner’s egg. Low
sperm count is also regarded as one of the major problems by which problems in conceiving
arise. When a man ejaculates under 15 million sperm count, it will be considered as low.
According to studies, around one-third of couples find trouble to fall pregnant due to low sperm
count. Sperm motility or mobility has been said to be yet another cause where the sperm is not
able to swim as well as they should to attain the egg. If there is a presence of abnormal semen, it
may not be able to bear the sperm effectively. Such things can occur due to some medical
conditions, hormonal imbalance, ejaculation disorders, and overheating testicles. Genetic factors,
radiation therapy, cystic fibrosis, and mumps, etc. are known to be some other causes.


One of the major symptoms of infertility is the inability to become pregnant. If a woman is
facing problems like irregular, absent, or painful periods, have known fertility problems, have
had multiple miscarriages, have undergone treatment for cancer or have been diagnosed with
endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. On the other side, if a man notices the
presence of low sperm count, other problems with sperm, undergone cancer treatment, small
testicles or swelling in the scrotum, or a history of prostate, testicular or sexual problems, they
both need to consult their issues with the medical expert.

What Needs To Be Done?

We understand the thought of being unpleasant when someone decides to make the female
partner pregnant and they notice the presence of some problems due to fertility issues. When something doesn’t look to be in favor, one of the things that appear in the mind is about the
treatment options.

Millions of people in this world are addicted to such activities which aren’t favorable to our
bodies like smoking, usage of tobacco, illicit drugs, and alcohol. Adopting all these things not
only contributes to male infertility, but the female class also needs to understand their negative
outcomes. Making an involvement in such bad habits can impair their ability to conceive and
have a healthy pregnancy.

For men, it is advised not to indulge in hot tubs or baths where a high temperature is found. It is
because it can temporarily affect the motility and production of sperm. Even the production of
sperm can also be affected by exposure to industrial or environmental toxins. Women are also
required to avoid weight extremes, like being underweight or overweight as it can affect the
production of hormones and cause problems like infertility.

Tips To Follow For Avoiding The Chances Of Infertility

A healthy body will always cause you positive results. To make the body healthy, there are
different practices to adopt like healthy and nutritious food, daily exercise. But remember, things
which have been mentioned in the above topic like smoking, usage of alcohol, recreational
drugs, and tobacco must require to be eliminated.


Infertility has become a widespread problem, that’s why people must not lose hope if they’re
found to be infertile. With the help of some treatment options, the problem of fertility can be
solved and a couple can get able to achieve pregnancy. There has been an arrival of assisted
reproductive technology that contains medical practices to address infertility. For that, you can
consult the fertility expert and ask for details about such options.

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