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Natural IVF & Injection Free IVF

Natural IVF & Injection Free IVF


Natural Cycle IVF is more or less similar to natural reproduction as it is carried out with the natural egg rather than those produced by simulation and is suitable for women who do not want to take a lot of medication and bear the heavy costs for the same. Rather than stimulating your ovaries to produce multiple eggs, Natural Cycle IVF Process is intended to capture the one egg that your body naturally produces each month during your menstrual cycle. This egg is not only the best quality but will also give you the greatest chance for pregnancy.

Natural IVF in India is ideal for women who prefer fewer drugs and medications, for older women, or for women who are less likely to produce multiple eggs even with the administration of IVF drugs. Natural Cycle IVF cost can allow women in these groups to avoid the health risks and high cost of IVF drugs as well as the discomfort of daily injections.


We also have complete Injection Free and Minimal Stimulation IVF Cycles that consists of only oral stimulation medication – usually 1-2 pills per day. In this process, we use pills daily and then give the trigger through a nasal spray. There is no use of injection.

Minimal Stimulation IVF does not involve an aggressive approach to IVF and carries the simulation by using only oral medication to produce healthy eggs.

Injection-Free IVF, as the name suggests again uses no injection but oral pills along with nasal sprays to stimulate the egg production in the woman.

Aveya also specializes in Conventional IVF technique which involves combining the retrieved eggs with sperms to create embryos in the lab and having them implanted in the uterus of the woman.

Depending upon the requirement of the patients, the clinic picks up the IVF technique which is best suited to the needs and budget of the patients.

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