Patient Guide

Patient Guide

AVEYA IVF is among one of the most trusted fertility hospitals in the country incorporating international treatment standards for the treatment of infertility and assisted reproductive technologies including IUI, IVF/ICSI, PCOD, IMSI, etc. With outstanding care of a patient, a track record of high IVF success rate in a short period of time, this organisation has become the preference of couple looking for fertility treatment from different parts of the world. Services and treatments provided from our side are delivered in a professional and caring atmosphere by our team of specialists, embryologists, sonographers, counsellors and nurses who are all leaders in their respective fields. If a couple is worried about fertility, they need to book a preliminary appointment.

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Step By Step Patient Guide


  • You will be asked to visit the centre between day 15th-day 25th of your period (Counting the start day of your period as FIRST DAY)
  • In case if your periods are irregular or they have stopped, kindly call at hospital number 8010 628 628 (9:00 AM-6:00 PM).
  • You will have to visit the centre between 9:00 – 9:30 AM after having a heavy breakfast; your first day at the centre would be TESTING/INVESTIGATION and CONSULTATION part.
  • At the Same day or the Next day, you will get your test reports and then REPORT DISCUSSION will take place followed by Treatment plan. On this day you will be told when to visit next time and how longer you need to stay here to complete your IVF treatment and you also can go back to your home by this day.
  • For starting treatment, you will be called on the day two of your periods and will be informed about the next steps.


The plan for your second visit will be confirmed during your first visit while discussing your test reports and how longer you need to stay here will also be confirmed at this time.

Flowchart for Visit

Duration Of Stay 2 Days 10-15 Days
Procedure Consultation Daily Hormonal Injections
Couple History & Examinations Sonography And Blood Tests During The Cycle
Sonography Of Female Partner Ovum Pickup
Blood Test Of Couple Embryo Transfer
Treatment Plan Post Embryo Transfer Counseling
Down regulation Injection Or Further Planning For IVF Cycle Date

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