Relation Between Diabetes And Infertility In Men And Women

Relation Between Diabetes And Infertility In Men And Women
Infertility In Men And Women


We all have been surrounded by people suffering from many diseases that affect the quality of
their life. Some problems are common in men and some in women, but lots of conditions can
take place in both. Diabetes and infertility are those two examples on which we will describe
their relation and other known information.


The term diabetes can be understood by a disease that takes place when the blood sugar of the
blood glucose of a person gets too high. Blood glucose refers to one of the major foundations of
energy in our body that appears from the food we eat. Insulin is the name of a main anabolic
hormone that is generated by the pancreas. It permits our body to employ sugar (glucose) from
carbohydrates in the food that we eat for energy or to store glucose for upcoming use.

Sometimes there can be a condition where the body is unable to develop adequate or any insulin
or doesn’t make proper use of it. In such conditions, glucose stays in the blood and doesn’t reach
the cells. If too much glucose is found in the blood, a person may have to face some health
issues. Diabetes has been categorized in some parts, namely type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes,
gestational diabetes, and some less common types like monogenic diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes (or juvenile diabetes) has been said to be the most severe form of the disease and
its presence can be discovered in children and teenagers. Though, it can take place with people of
any age group. The common form of diabetes is said to be type 2 diabetes that also has been
given the name of adult-onset diabetes. It is because this form of diabetes typically develops in
person aging more than 35. However, it can be controlled easily and the person can develop a
great change in his body by following diet control and regulation of daily exercise.

Diabetes And Infertility

After knowing various details about diabetes, one of the important things to know is its link
between fertility in men and women. According to sources, it has been indicated that both of
them can have reduced possibilities of falling pregnant if they suffer from the condition of

How Does Diabetes Interfere With Male Fertility?

The term infertility looks unpleasant for many people. It is identified as the condition in which
the couple finds incapability to conceive even after performing regular unprotected sexual
intercourse for a complete year. One of the links to know between diabetes and male fertility is
that diabetes can be one of the causes of infertility in men. However, it can’t make a person
certainly infertile, but there can be chances to become less fertile. A diabetic man may face sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation. Both of these conditions can
cause trouble at the time of conceiving. Sperm quality has also been supposed to be lower in a
diabetic person as compared to a normal man. In type 1 diabetes, the body attacks its insulin-
producing cells due to which problems can appear in the regulation of blood sugar.

Diabetes And Female Infertility

In the case of a woman, there has been no evidence which states that diabetes can make it harder
for them to fall pregnant. Though, the condition of diabetes can make it complicated for a lady to
stay pregnant, particularly if they’ve had the disease for long. One of the causes done by diabetes
is the deficiency of glucose control in the body which could make the implantation of the fertile
egg in the uterus complicated.

What Can Be Done?

If someone maintains well-controlled blood sugar levels, it will be beneficial in helping the
menstrual cycle to be more regular, eliminating the risk of miscarriage, a very large baby, or a
baby that requires intensive care after birth. In men, there can be a decrease in erection problems,
risk of neonatal and stillbirth, etc.


Diabetes can prove to be a miserable condition for anybody. If not controlled or operated in a
good manner, it can leave some adverse impact on the life of a person. On the other side, almost
nobody would like to have fertility issues and face problems like infertility. That’s why one of
the crucial aspects is to save from such conditions. One of our prime suggestions to the readers is
that if someone faces these situations, they need to adopt a healthier lifestyle as well as diet.
Being in the correct weight and exercising are those natural options that anybody can have.
If the problems aren’t settling on their own, doctors are there to help you. Discuss your issues and
obtain their opinions regarding the condition and treatment issues. These things can help a
person in conditions like diabetes and infertility.

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