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Infertility is becoming a widespread problem and thousands of couples around the world are facing diverse problems which require high-tech solutions. Aveya Fertility Clinic surrogacy treatment in delhi India comes up with some state of the art medical techniques to tackle the toughest of medical problems leading to infertility.

Surrogacy comes up as a feasible solution for the women who either do not have a uterus at all or their uterus is not strong enough to carry a full term pregnancy.

Women over the age of 40 years can also be suitable candidates for surrogacy in India and so can be gay couples. Surrogacy is a complicated technique which requires a woman to act as the surrogate mother for a couple, which means that she has to carry their baby in her womb till delivery.

This involves a great deal of legal and financial complications and Aveya is the place to trust to handle all these issues to perfection.

High Success Rate of Surrogacy in Delhi, India at Aveya

At Aveya, there are some leading experts in the field of fertility treatment, which gives the clinic a reputation for a high success rate in various techniques including gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy: 

This process involves combining the egg donor and the sperm of the couple in the lab and placing the fertilized embryo in the womb of the surrogate mother so that she can carry the baby full term and deliver it too. The baby is thus, the genetic offspring of the couple, though some other woman carries it till birth.

Traditional Surrogacy: 

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother plays the dual role of being the egg donor in addition to carrying the baby in her womb for the entire pregnancy. Instead of the fertilize embryo being placed in her womb by IVF in India, the surrogate has the sperm of the male implanted in her by IUI or ICSI.

Here, factors such as the age of the woman whose egg is being used for the surrogacy as well as the quality of the egg determine the success rate of the technique and Aveya aims to maximize this rate with its specialized medicines and treatment.

The clinic specializes in this technique and has performed a number of successful cases for patients from India and abroad. Aveya takes every case as a unique challenge and provides surrogacy treatment in india according to the needs of the patients.

The main issue in gestational surrogacy is to find the right woman to be the surrogate mother and Aveya assists its patients in this job. Also, it endeavors to make surrogacy as well as all other fertility techniques affordable for the patients so that no one has to give up the joy of parenthood because of high cost of surrogacy treatment.

Treating Patients with Different Techniques

Aveya Surrogacy Clinic India has developed an excellent reputation for treating all kinds of infertility related cases with high success rates.

It has specialist doctors with expertise and experience to handle cases which require treatment techniques such as IVF, IUI, egg donation and egg freezing.

The Surrogacy clinic in India is known for looking after not only the physical needs of its patients but their emotional requirements too, making it a place that follows a holistic approach to help childless couples.

Today, the clinic has become a leading name in the field of infertility treatment in delhi, india, with patients making it here from all over the country and even overseas.