Teratozoospermia-Causes And Treatment Options To Consider

Teratozoospermia-Causes And Treatment Options To Consider


Different conditions in both men and women exist regarding their fertility. Sometimes due to
problems in the female partner, a couple gets unable to conceive a child. But, not everybody has
the idea about those factors that can arise in men, and their fertility decreases. In this section, we
will talk about a condition called teratozoospermia where abnormal sperm is found in a higher
percentage inside the male reproductive system. This condition will take place when any
deviation in the normal size and shape of the sperm occurs.

About Sperm

If we talk about the display of an ordinary sperm, it is comprised of some parts like tail, neck,
head, and mid-piece. The width is counted as 2-3 micrometers, whereas it has been supposed to
be around 3-5 micrometers in length. The shape of its head is oval which is covered by a
structure known as acrosome.

Teratozoospermia Causes

Sometimes it becomes a difficult task for the doctors to explain a specific reason for this
condition. But according to some research, some activities can affect the health of sperm like
chemotherapy and radiation therapy which is given to a patient suffering from cancer. Along
with that, there has been an identification of some drugs that can interact with hormones
developed in the body like a follicle-stimulating hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and
testosterone hormone to cause changes in the production of sperm process and resulting in
incomplete maturation.

Teratozoospermia has been said as one of the causes behind infertility in men due to a fact that
most abnormal spermatozoa don&t get able to penetrate the egg. The quality of sperm can be
affected by some factors like problems in the testicles, vasectomies, fevers, diabetes mellitus,
smoking, and usage of alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana, poor diet, varicocele, and inappropriate
habits that elevates the temperature in the testicles.

Teratozoospermia Kinds

Three different types of teratozoospermia are there to explore like mild teratozoospermia,
moderate teratozoospermia, and severe teratozoospermia. In mild teratozoospermia, the usual
sperm morphology value ranges from 10 to 14%. Moderate teratozoospermia holds a value
between 5-9%, whereas severe teratozoospermia contains a normal sperm morphology value of
less than 5%.

The typical shape of the sperm makes it able to swim across the female genital tract for obtaining
the ovum and fertilizing it. If a defect is found in the tail, it may hamper sperm motility. Even if an abnormality is identified in the sperm head, it may lead to unsuccessful penetration of the
ovum by the sperm.

One more thing related to teratozoospermia is whether it causes miscarriage. To identify this
thing, there will be a requirement to know that since the mother carries the baby in her womb,
causes for miscarriages are typically credited to maternal factors. The chances of paternal
factors, particularly the sperm based factors have been overlooked in the previous time. It is
suggested to those who faced miscarriage, especially recurrent pregnancy losses, must focus on
testing for both maternal and paternal factors.

Treatment Options For Teratozoospermia

When teratozoospermia is identified by a person, the focus must rely on its treatment. It has been
said that the treatment of teratozoospermia is possible and a man can make efforts to bring
normal pregnancy, keeping in mind that other parameters of sperm are normal. One important
thing to understand is that if teratozoospermia is secondary to viral infections, acute stressful
situations, or high fevers, it may be reversible. Mild to moderate teratozoospermia attributable to
other causes normally prove to be reversible with punctual interference and some lifestyle

A man facing teratozoospermia must avoid the habits of cigarette smoking, alcoholic drinks, and
drugs. There must be a presence of a healthy lifestyle that contains regular exercise and they
must focus on eating a nutritious and balanced diet. To encourage and uplift the quality of sperm,
try to consider those foods which are rich in antioxidants and amino acids. Omega-3 fatty acid-
rich food and vitamins are also helpful in motivating sperms health. All such things prove to be
the natural treatment for teratozoospermia. Make sure to keep the body healthy and fit. This is
one of those major things responsible to keep the condition of sperm good.


The topics discussed in the above section are given for a knowledgeable basis. Remember, a man
can improve the sperms health by avoiding some bad habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle.
There can be cases in which the condition can be difficult to handle. That\s why if someone feels
the requirement of assistance, there is an availability of doctors and fertility experts for the
consultation to whom you can talk and identify the treatment options. There might be a condition
where they prefer to opt for treatments like in-vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm
injection after diagnosing the condition.

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