When should I visit a fertility clinic?

When should I visit a fertility clinic?
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A question often asked by couples trying to conceive is when should I visit a doctor for guidance to conceive. Infertility or subfertility is the failure to achieve a pregnancy after 12 months of regular and unprotected intercourse. It is estimated that 85% percent of couples will conceive within 1 year of trying. A few may take upto 2 years to achieve conception.Infertility is estimated to affect between 8 and 12% of couples worldwide.

If you are younger than 35, you can try for a year before being evaluated.  But if you are 35 or older, then you should seek evaluation with only six months of trying as the egg quality and number tends to decline after that.

Once you visit a clinic your doctor may recommend basic tests which may include semen analysis of the partner, hormonal evaluation, cervical smear testing, ultrasound of the pelvis. Based on your history you may be asked for an infection screening and tubal evaluation. In case any issues are found then you may be further advised testing to look for any particular causes of infertility which may be needed to formulate your treatment protocol.

When to meet an infertility specialist earlier than recommended:

  1. Irregular periods or no periods. This may indicate a problem in ovulation. Hence it may be a good idea to get yourself evaluated.
  2. Non consummation of marriage: certain couples are unable to consummate their marriage due to vaginismus or erectile problems and would need advice from a fertility expert.
  3. Past history of surgery: Certain abdominal surgeries that may have involved the tubes or ovaries may need evaluation
  4. Past history of tuberculosis or endometriosis or fibroid
  5. You are a carrier for a genetic condition. There are tests available that can be done on the embryos obtained through IVF that can prevent passage of the genetic condition to your baby and select healthiest of the embryo o transfer.
  6. History of varicocoele, testicular surgery or injury in the partner
  7. Sterilization surgery in the partner
  8. Need for altruistic surrogacy due to a problem in your uterus

Seeing an infertility specialist brings in a lot of anxiety. We at aveya fertility helps in alleviating your anxiety and make patient tailored treatment approach. We have counselors and yoga classes which reduces anxiety. We wish you all the best in your journey to become a parent.

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